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Today, a good friend of mine pointed something out to me in our metamorphic petrology class today. Kristin, upon working seemingly endless hours on our final lab, discovered a little something in our textbook that caught her eye. It appears as follows:

...And I hope you didn't sleep with anyone else while I wrote this textbook.

Isn't that PATHETIC?! This is the author of our textbook trying to dedicate/apologize for this work which all the students in my class had to shell out $100! I'm frankly appalled at the text as a source through which we are expected to learn the ways of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary petrology. This "dedication" only confirms my suspicions about the book being written for the professional petrological community rather than students tackling the subject for the first time. Aside from my general disgust with this class right now, discovering this little tid-bit in the book kinda' set me ablaze. So, I wrote my first Amazon.com book review tonight about this text. Although it doesn't appear immediately on that site, here's what it'll probably end up looking like:

Take THAT Raymund!

So, yeah, moral of this story? If it takes 11 years of spousal and child neglect to write a textbook that no one but you and your uppity colleagues will understand, forget it! Enjoy life, relax, and take that petrologic stick out of your butt.

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