Cascade Bike Brews Cruise to Kenwood

Connie and I set out on a lovely day for a group ride today from the waterfront in Seattle up to the tip of Lake Washington and back. The ride was pretty flat and mostly along the [surprisingly bumpy at times near the UW campus] Burke Gilman Trail. Our mid-way pit stop in Kenwood was 192 Brewing where we enjoy beer in there generous outdoor garden. On the ride back my bum hurt something fierce proving those fancy padding cycling shorts do basically nothing and, instead, I'll be looking into a new seat by the time we do our next 40+ mile ride.

Oh, and we'll likely not be doing more of Cascade's "brews cruises". We did the one to the south last year as well and, despite the name, there's not much focus on the great local breweries we ride to -- I'd actually like to ride to a couple more for 40 miles! Plus, this year, 192 didn't even have their own beer on tap to try and, back at the finish line in Seattle, the beer served out of a truck didn't include anything dark. We'll arrange our own brews cruise and invite you all along!

Our bikes sunggled up next to one another, ready for today's ride

And we're off!

I love this narrow stretch between parking lot and train yard

Nice reminder that much of the trails we'll be on are old rail grades

Crossing over into Seattle's Fremont neighborhood

Some cruel joke art outside a UW engineering building

From below you can see this is an old train trestle

Some parts of the Burke Gilman trail, like this ravine, are just lovely

The Lake Washington part of the ride

Apparently Kenwood is where float planes go to dry their feet

Took me 5 tries to get this over-the-should-while-riding shot of Connie :)

The trail markers we followed

Now that's a bike corral!

192 Brewing's outdoor beer garden

Pit stop snack of champions

Dressed for the occasion

Uh oh, I see two.

Wildlife crossing

I'm sure someone planned this

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