Chopstix piano bar in Tacoma

Friends Angela and Steve (of the Ferguson family) invited us out for dinner and drinks tonight. We met them at the local Chopstix piano bar in Tacoma's very hip 6th Ave District. We had an in with one of the security guys who also doubles as Angela's brother. After Sarah and I found a spot to park over two blocks off the main drag, we paid our cover and joined them at arguably the best table in the house. We sat just feet from the platform that held two pianos in front of a wall with a large tilted mirror so we could see every angle of the action. And action there certainly was!

The place is clean and simple with little visual distraction to pull you away from the well-lit piano stage. Once the music got started we immedately understood why Chopstix's popularity is through the roof. The guys that sat down at their benches were amazing -- and not in a classical, black tie, don't clap if it's only a break between movements kinda' way. They were flown in from all corners of the country and put on an energetic, requests-only show that was probably to best night out I've ever had. Really. The food was tasty, the music was completely fun, and the drinks were plentiful and reasonably priced. I opted for the designated driver role and had tons of fun watching Sarah sample various libations. Her favorites were the "bombs" that consisted of one main glass about half full off some brand of spirit that get's mixed in with another once you drop in a full shot glass to mix it all up. The standing rule was it all had to go down the minute the bomb dropped and Sarah and Angela both seemed to have little trouble following suit. They also both really loved the jello shots that were bright red and came served in an over-sized plastic syringe.

Want to be thoroughly embarassed on your Birthday, bachelorette party, or some other special occasion? Drop a request and note to one of the piano players along with a twenty and you're have your fun and sing to it, too! My favorite thing about Chopstix, even if it was a bit loud for my usual taste, is that everyone of any age was having a great time. Groups of middle-aged ladies partied with horny, very drunk chix and studs while a seventy-something guy was pulled up on stage to play Elvis for his Birthday. It was a great place for anyone to have a really great time.

There are already plans in the works to go back to introduce some other friends to a Chopstix good time. I'll also be more prepared with my requests. Anyone for some classic Blues Brothers Sweet Home Chicago? Thanks for the idea Angela and Steve -- you're really keeping us as hip and cool as we should be. ;)

Chopstix in Tacoma - A pianoman, singer, and MC from Phoenix

Chopstix in Tacoma - The Chopstix piano-laden stage

Chopstix in Tacoma - A Dew Drop

Chopstix in Tacoma - The Dew dropped

Chopstix in Tacoma - some of the crowd enjoying the piano-induced fun

Chopstix in Tacoma - Still looking pretty darn cute even after having a few

Chopstix in Tacoma

Chopstix in Tacoma - Fun for all ages (this guy played Elvis on stage for his Birthday)

Chopstix in Tacoma - Elvis was swiftly joined by some other random women on stage

Chopstix in Tacoma - Finally, Elvis' real wife came up to steal a dance

Chopstix in Tacoma - feet on fire

Chopstix in Tacoma - Steve enjoying himself on a great night out

Chopstix in Tacoma - the hands that do the piano'ing

Chopstix in Tacoma - Droppin' Hamilton's (actually Jackson's) for more cowbell!

Chopstix in Tacoma - A couple Birthday ladies after one received a stripper-like dollar from a friend

Chopstix in Tacoma - Sarah and Angela with their jello shots

Chopstix in Tacoma - Sarah got her shot

Chopstix in Tacoma - Whether he liked it or not, Steve got one too

Chopstix in Tacoma - The shot race -- the photo finish shows a little left in Sarah's syringe so Angela is the winner!

Chopstix in Tacoma - The patrons of Chopstix get on their feet for the wait staff

Chopstix in Tacoma - A bachelorette get's the royal treatment as one of the performers sings a song about doing it doggie style

Chopstix in Tacoma - the ladies of Chopstix showing us where the door is if we didn't have any fun (actually, they were dancing to Greased Lightning)

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