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Monday's usually bring dark clouds of early rising and toils in employment. Although the employment thing was a factor in my day, I found that spending time with a best friend amidst incredible weather and piles of white plums can make for a fine day.

Eat too many and you might get the trotsMatt Turner wandered over to our house early in the evening and brought gifts of little, cherry-sized white plums. When asked, he told Sarah and I that a tree across the strewn in a PLU parking lot held the tasty morsels. Instantly hooked, Sarah ordered that we pick an entire strainer full of the fruit so she could snack on them upon her return from class. She didn't really order us to do so but it was a really good idea. So Matt and I stretched up into the tree and were repeatedly pummeled from above as the plums plummeted to the ground. The asphalt under the tree was littered with the liberated carcasses of white plums. So we squished them. It was fun, OK?

With our newly found bounty, Matt and I decided to have a creative evening at my house. He packed his computer over here and we sat side-by-side all night modeling objects on our computers that may, one day soon, be a part of the computer game project we're planning/slow implementing. I with my apple launcher and he with his spork, I knew that creating this evening would not be easy work. By the time our eyes were bugged out from our monitors Matt headed home and I crashed for the night feeling as though something was accomplished.

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