Crowdsourced Apartment Interior Design

So I'm moving into my first ever (dorms don't count) apartment toward the end of this month and actually want to be proud of my small space. To do that I must use my 650 square feet wisely but I also want to experiment with actually having some style there! Yes, yes, I know... how Metro of me. But, really, if I can't do it with such a small space there's never any hope for me making any future abode more of a home. Seriously, I've lived in my North End Tacoma home for over 6 years and haven't even painted one of the white walls in the place.

So, dear friends, family, and random other folks, I'd like your advice. I've posted a few pics of the interior of my place below and a couple possible layouts (to scale, yes indeedy!) and color/decor designs using pretty much all Ikea stuff.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have any suggestions re: products, colors, whatever to help make my new little space, dare I say, fabulous! Thx!

Living room looking from the entrance

Living room looking from the dining nook

Dining nook looking from the living room

Dining nook looking from the kitchen


Bedroom looking from the door

Bedroom looking from the window


Decor Draft #1

Decor Draft #2

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