Cry of the domesticated male

The wind blew swift and brought about a checkerboard of dark, rain-soaked clouds and bright blue sunshine. I played my hand and managed to peek my head outside during a lull in the storm. Late last week and most of this weekend Mother Nature has thrown us the same sort of weather and there was little sign of it clearning up today. With my chore list laid out in front of me, I had a task to complete and I'd be damned if some cranky meteorological diety would stand in my way. I grabbed the bag which would aid in my catching every thin, green blade of grass cut and dashed out to the garage. Once attached to the mower, the bag/push reel combo were ready to be deployed on the quadrants of yard that were slated to be cut down.

The lawn mower was foreign in my hands since adding the grass catcher but I wrestled it into submission and began to make progress on cutting the lawn. Gusts whistled through a nearby grove of fir trees and blew most of the shorn blades of grass away from being caught in the bag. I wasn't deterred and kept up the fight. Mother Nature was certain to thwart my efforts and kept up with gusts and ominous, darker-and-darker clouds rolling off the horizon and overhead. Through the white noise I could, however, hear the cry of other men taking up the call to battle as their gas-power mowers putted to life in a feeble attempt, like me, to dodge the rain...

Anyway, I mowed the lawn today despite the dicey weather. It did end up raining but it didn't amount to the squals that had been coming down the last couple days. I spent some time doing freelance and also found time to make invitations for a reception next month in California, install a new shower head, hang a mirror, work on my Firefox extensions, and mount a rod for the last of the drapes to be hung in the living room.

It's been a good weekend and I can't wait to knock off more of these chores so we go on finding out what to do with our weekends this summer.

posted May 22, 2005 under firefox extension, lawn mowing  

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