D20 Brass Band at Bremerton's First GAMCON

I rode my bike down to Seattle's Pier 52 this morning with trumpet slung over one shoulder and camera over the other. The D20 Brass Band crew and I gathered there for a ferry ride to Bremerton to play for their first ever GAMCON. The small-ish ferry's outside upper deck was closed off so plans to play on the quiet ride over were dashed. Once across the pond, however, we played a great set outside for the convention attendees who gathered in great numbers mostly in the shade to avoid the heat of the day. After a wander of the show floor we hopped our ferry back to Seattle and, being a more lively crowd on the voyage, played a bunch of tunes at the front of the boat.

Dig my new spray painted shoes

I want a mustang suit!

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posted Jul 6, 2014 under bremerton, concert, d20 brass band, gamcon, gig, music  

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