Dad's makes tasty take-out

A couple Saturday's ago Sarah and I met up with friends Angela and Steve to try out Dad's Bakery and Deli on Sixth Ave for lunch. Sarah did try a couple donuts and seemed to enjoy them but we were there to fill our growling mid-day bellies. Apparently talking with employees is strictly forbidden since we each had to fill out pieces of paper with our own choices for order. There were plenty of sandwich configurations to choose from so I went for a Dad's Deluxe.

While we waited for our food there was time for us to all give our surroundings a critique. None of us liked the decor at all. The checkerboard tile floor was nice as were the table, counter, display cases and boothes. Everything above there needed some work. The walls were bland/sparce with often tiny signs advertising "Espresso" way in the back rather than in lights for all to see. There were also a couple strangely placed framed photos of famous(?) dad's that would've made more sense if there were more of them. Only other thing that I don't really ding them much for when operating a kind of "open door" place, is a fly died and landed on our table. Maybe a non-electric bug zapper somewhere in the back would do well to clean this up though I would take a fly here and there to a stuffy, closed door restaurant anytime.

Alright, back to the food. It came, we saw, and we devoured. My Deluxe was awesome in size and taste. The bread was soft and fresh and the meats -- oh, the meats. [cue Homer Simpson drool/gargle] My sandwich had salami, pastrami, and ham and I'm pretty sure I've never had better of the first two. They had flavor that no store-bought deli meats ever have. Everyone else completely enjoyed their food as well and Steve was particularly impressed with his half Deluxe especially for the size/price. Angela's bread had a spot of mold but the staff had no problem replacing it and were very apologetic.

So, hats of to Dad's. We'll have to swing by for some fresh donuts and maybe a custom cake sometime but completely recommend their sandwiches. On a nice day like when we visited, however, get it to go and head over to a bench in Wright Park or along Ruston Way instead. For tasty sandwiches along I give this place a rating of "a couple times a month". Good thing here in Tacoma we all have at least one Dad we can count on.

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