Todd Matthews on local bloggers

Todd Matthews just published his piece on local bloggers with thoughts and perspectives on our growing influence here in Tacoma. Here's a couple snips from the article.

Tacoma's blogging community is growing into a not-so-quiet (yet wholly civil -- you would be hard-pressed to find flaming comments on these sites) force that at times, according to some bloggers and downtown stakeholders, get some play inside City Hall.

"I think they're paying attention," says Paul Ellis, director of metropolitan development at the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber. "Blogs are collecting opinions and viewpoints, and presenting information."

When councilmembers and public citizens comment on issues during City Council meetings, [Exit133 founder Derek] Young has noticed that many of the discussion points were generated earlier on local blogs.

And plenty more. There's some great thoughts in there by a couple councilmembers and local business leaders. Still, judging by the councilmember quotes, it seems like they don't fully understand blogs. They compared blogs to phone calls they regularly receive or newsletters sent out but none of those traditional, analog media types really allow the community interaction that posts and comments on a blog do. Especially considering how relatively easy they are to create and gain access to.

Great article Todd and thanks to all the local bloggers and readers out there that are making this all worth while.

Link to the Tacoma Daily Index

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