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Once upon a time, one of my sister's best friend's dad made me a present for my birthday. I don't even think I was in high school but it's still hanging around the house unfortunately seldom used. It's a large, circular, wooden disk. The entire thing is laminated, about three-quarters of an inch thick at most and has a beveled bottom side. It's my skimboard.

Anytime I went to the beach with family or friends in middle and high school I took it with me for practice. As waves receded from the shore I would wait until a sheen of an inch or two of water was left. I would then start at a gallop, shove the board away from me with both arms, then, if it rode the water without tanking, I would sprint to catch up. Once I caught up, again if it was still sliding along the water, I'd jump on and try and ride it. All too often the board itself would catch the sand and I'd jam my shins or my throw would be successful only to have me slip off its surface like it was solid ice.

Sigh... Such was my skimboarding career. Fortunately for me, however, I've rediscovered my love of the sport through a competition held out at Dash Point State Park last weekend. Though I knew this area was prime for the sport I had no idea they actually do it on a stream that slowly recedes along the tideflats into the Puget Sound. Something like this would've meant wonders to a kid like me trying desperately to hit the right conditions. With a stream the water never ends and you can ride 'til you're pooped.

Anyway, so Sarah and I took the event in and had a blast. It may have even inspired me to snag a more modern board and give it a whirl and add another "board" sport to my current repertoire. Hey, and stay tuned if you're interested because there's another competition July 21st out at Chambers Creek. I'm so there!

2007 Dash Point Skimboard Competition

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