Photos ~ Death Valley ~ Day 2

Here's what went down today in the DV: Saw Todd off on his marathon, drove south to the Golden Canyon and Badwater, saw Todd finish his marathon, drove to a nearby ghost town, then headed out for some more night photography.

More upon my return!

Todd starts his morning with a portrait of he and Maggie

The runners are briefed and treated to a pre-race monologue

The landscape of the marathon course ahead

And they're off!

Todd in fine form a dozen yards into the race

Let my wandering through Death Valley while Todd runs begin!

A visit to Golden Canyon where I found plenty of beautiful geology on display right in front of me

Me thinks, even in December, it's pretty dry out here

Yup, pretty dry

Leaving Golden Canyon

Looking across Death Valley at Telescope Peak

The same road looking one way...

...then the other.

Me getting my driving desert trek carrot on

Badwater Basin interpretive sign reflected in salty water

I may look worried but I'm really just squinting

Nearby mountains reflected in the Badwater water

After leaving Badwater I found this rock

Berries on a stark white, salt crystal covered plant

Telescope Peak

Meanwhile, back at Furnace Creek Ranch, runners crossed the finish line about 5 hours after they started

Maggie peers into the distance with her stunning kiddie binoculars

Maggie displays the keen cheer sign she made for Todd

Todd approaches from the distance

Todd's congratulated by a misc. race lady

Todd takes a breather

And gets his reward for a race well done

Maggie snapping a pic of Todd on our way out of Death Valley

The road to Rhyolite (note the change in pavement going from CA to NV in the distance)

Creations at an artist's house here in Rhyolite

Dusk colors on the way back to Death Valley

Moon and stars over Badwater

Badwater at night

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