Dick Stein Reading The Tacomiad (and other fab audio!)

I had the pleasure of joining Dick Stein and John Carlton on stage at King's Books last night. John presented a great audio piece from Murray Morgan's Puget's Sound, Stein read through his wonderful poem Tacomiad, and I shared a slideshow called Up's & Down's of Recent Tacoma. Everything was really fun and I thank Lynn Di Nino for bringing us together, King's Books for hosting, and to everyone in the audience for attending and participating. During my slideshow I asked that the crowd offer up any questions or even their own stories to do with the occasions in my photos. We heard how Lynn restored that amazing statue on the island in Wright Park, how a gentleman was stuck on the Nalley Valley viaduct as the Atlas Foundry was ablaze and exploded, a personal account of the Tacoma Mall Twin when it was a grand, single screen theater, and more. Thanks for sharing everyone!

I've attached the slides I presented below with dates and a brief label. Also, give a listen to Dick and John's readings.

The Tacomiad by Dick Stein (12:28)

John Carlton's reading from Murray Morgan's Puget's Sound (12:35)

P.S. - Gotta get to work but I'll add audio to each of my slides this weekend. Stay tuned!