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In a world... where photos are auto-backed up to multiple cloud storage solutions, one man set out on a quest to relive those memories around the house without having to squint to see them...

Dramatic, I know. I absolutely cherish the memories in all the photos I take. When the Echo Show 5 came out, the price was right and we got my parents one after learning we could use the "Family Vault" feature in Amazon Photos to delight them with pics of Conradical doing all the things 5 year olds do. This worked well for a time but other Alexa-related features on the device kept creeping in and/or taking over the screen despite me always swatting them to the "off" position deep in various layers of settings screens. I also tried a 10" Echo device recently and, though the screen was vivid and fun to look at photos on, all the "other" was really getting to me. I just want to see my damn photos!

The solution: a portable 15.6" screen hooked to a Fire TV dongle that will show my photos when the screen saver kicks in. One problem: the device automatically goes to sleep after 5-ish minutes and there's no setting to turn that off. Thankfully, since the Fire TV devices are running Android, you can use a tool like adbLink to change that. These instructions will tell you how to enable some developer settings on a Fire TV device then how to use adbLink to turn sleep off. And that's it!

Well, OK. That's not it. I decided to spruce things up and make a frame for the screen. Check out what I did and the results below!

Here's the before...

I re-used some slats salvaged from our fence for the frame. I ripped a board down the middle then made my cuts.

The lighter pieces (at right) will make up the frame. I wire brushed and lightly sanded them to remove the patina they had from being outside for who-knows-how-many years.

First time using my corner clamp and... I need more of these. I lined up, glued, and drove in one thin nail to hold each corner together. As one dried I'd move on to another.

Once the frame was together, I used some scrap metal brackets, bent them up a bit, wrapped them in electrical tape, and screwed them in-place to hold the screen to the frame.

After a bit more sanding this is the final product. I'm not much for wood working so would definitely call this rustic but I'm happy with how much warmer and inviting it is to look at photos on. Have some 90 degree connectors to tidy up the cables, too!

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