DIY Green Roof Progress

You may remember that green roof I created a while back. Well, I thought the time was right to get serious so I set out late last week to make a proper roof planter above that same space. My dad came up Saturday to help me with the big, need a pickup for, lumber kind of stuff. We cut everything up and got the frame ready to go before he had to head back home. His help was welcome and I was thankful I had it! Sunday I finished by painting, sealing off all the edges, and laying down a waterproof rubber layer. From here I'm going to await Libby's return from Italia then have a yard of Tacoma's own Tagro potting soil delivered upon deciding what we want to plant up there. I might rig up a PVC drip watering system or something with a hose attachment near the ground for easy watering.

Anyway, here are comparison shots of where I started and where it's at (minus rubber matt). More later once it's closer to being done done.

Wed night - moved around most of soil atop roof

Thurs night - cleared off entire roof

Fri night - removed old corrugated roofing

Sat. day - just starting on new green roof

Sat night - Green roof box all framed up

Sun day - painted and sealed (just before rubber matt stapled down)

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