DIY Passthrough for EV Charger Cable

For our recent Tesla purchase, we opted to have our charger installed inside our garage while we park our car outside. Hey, 100+ year old houses were not made with garages for 21st Century cars. :)

I took a portal usual meant for RV cables, modified it, added a sleeve to get it all the way through the wall, then lined it with thin foam to prevent the cable from snagging. Here are step-by-step photos of what we did.

Oh! And here's a link to the cable hatch I snagged off Amazon:

Here's the small space we were working with.

Outline of the hole drilled out and ready to be cut.

Thar be the hole! Take care not to split your siding like I did. :(

Test fit of the portal/cable hatch.

View of the test fit from the inside.

Cutting out these from the cable hatch because they’re pretty rigid and won’t allow the charge cable head to fit through.

Added a 3" inner diameter fitting around the cable catch and bolted them together then fit into that the length of pipe needed to get to the edge of the drywall.

Here's the cable coming through and you can also see the thin foam sheet I used to line the passthrough. Cable glided super smoothly!

First charge of our Tesla Model 3 “3lvis”!

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