Donor wall update - Contractor pulls out

Thanks to David Seago over at the News Tribune for doing the leg work someone as interested in this as I have been should've done. Guess I don't get paid for this sort of thing though. Nevertheless, thanks to him for checking in with the WSHS's Nicandri over the fate of the proposed donor wall blocking direct pedestrian access to and from the Bridge of Glass. Here's a snip:

...the latest is that the contractor has pulled out of the project and wil probably file a claim for costs. A city appeals board has rejected the museum's appeal of the city stop-work order that halted work on the wall last fall. And Nicandri has floated a third compromise proposal, one that would restore eight feet of wrought-iron fence along the sidewalk.

Interesting stuff but, as I've previously emoted, does that mean the possible pedestrian path will be open to foot traffic? That's where my hopes lie and that there can still be a way to recognize the folks who helped preserve a great part of Tacoma and it's history.

Link to Inside the editorial page
Previously on KFnet

Thanks Erik!

Kudos also to Erik for an awesome comment he left on that site's entry:

Nice to see the City of Tacoma take such a firm stance on standing up for pedestrian access to the Foss Waterway and the enforcement of a city right of way.

Special thanks to City Manager Eric Anderson and Julie Anderson who took a direct interest in the issue. There are always going to be competing entities, private and public vying for pedestrian traffic. Yet, it is the duty of the city to look at and regulate the overall traffic flow and make sure it is not impeded.

Direct access to the waterway is important. Adding 250 feet to the route to the pedestrian route to the Foss Waterway is unacceptable.

Any "compromise" which is reached needs to include open pedestrian access. Many businesses have closed on the Foss Waterway because of the lack of foot traffic, and the much praised Blue Olive is the latest one of them.

Also, as the "appeals board" apparently found (as reported below), the city's actions concerning their easement have been justified. The city easement is a public property right which Tacomans have a direct right to use and walk directly to the Foss Waterway and other waterfront attractions which they paid millions of dollars for.

Now is a good time for a real compromise which recognizes donors and opens the area up for pedestrians who can make up their own mind as to where they would like to travel to.

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