Call for donor wall and Century Park ideas

Century Park areaWho's calling? Well, the lack of any viable solution from either the WSHM or the City of Tacoma tells me us folks who live here need to put our ideas where our mouths are. Even though the public isn't being asked for ideas there's no reason we can't put some out there. Try this out:

  1. Download a simple map of the area of the donor wall and Century Park
    Map: Small | Large | Print

  2. Sketch your ideas on paper or use something like MS Paint or PowerPoint on your computer

  3. Email your sketch and brief description to me

I just want to help get some alternative ideas out there so don't worry what it looks like. If you print it out remember you can snap a digital photo of it to make things emailable. Heck, if you want to meet me in person (exciting, I know!) lemme know and we can arrange for an in-person hand-off of your sketch. If you'd like to remain anonymous, I can arrange that, too.

Keep in mind council member Anderson's three points:

Armed with this we can elevate this discussion into a new height that helps further all our desires for a great downtown!

I'll aim to post everyone's ideas next Tuesday. Questions? Drop 'em in the comments below (in case someone else has the same question) or email me.

Update (2006-10-26 @ 10:56am)
Link to a few example sketches

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