School vibes downtown

Kids gathered up on the corner of Pacific and 21st this morning while parents dropped students off clogging traffic heading up the hill. All are a sign of the bustle that's to come since the first day of school today. I love the life brought by having a partially academic downtown. Although workers downtown need to head out a little early to lunch to beat the student rush it's a small price to pay for the activity. Don't like it? Hit up places like Indochine or the upcoming Two Koi. I'm pretty sure, speaking from my own days as a student, not too many high schoolers or college students have deep enough pockets to afford much more than a burrito or stash of ramen noodles. ;)

Good luck to all the students out there and I hope you enjoy downtown Tacoma! I know I do.

posted Aug 30, 2006 under downtown tacoma, first day of school, school of the arts  

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