Eagle's building 'before' photos (update 2)

With all the local blog posts flying around this morning about the Eagle's building collapse, I thought I'd share with you a "before" shot. This comes courtesy of KFnet friend David L.

Eagles Building before

There are so many other buildings like this around town that despiratly need their mugshots taken before they fall by fire, wrecking ball, meteor or by themselves. The Tacoma Photo Gang will certainly do its part as I'm sure will Tacoma Then & Now.

Any other pics pre- or post-collapse? Send 'em my way.

Update - From the Library (2007-04-02 @ 1:21pm)
More photos here, here, and here (nice tall ceiling) over at the Tacoma Public Library's website.

Update - Sharon's pics (2007-04-02 @ 3:52pm)
Thanks to KFnet friend and fellow Tacoma Photo Ganger Sharon for the following pre-collapse pics:

Eagle's Lodge from the front

Eagle's Lodge red door

Eagle's Lodge from the side

Eagle's Lodge red wall

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