An afternoon at Emerald Downs and Ikea

Sarah's mom drove up from Vancouver today to join us for an afternoon at the races. We picked up lunch first at Engine House No. 9 on 6th Ave. I had possibly the tastiest cajun chicken sandwich that even crossed my lips. The meat was moist and flavorful which is more than most chicken can boast. In this case the flavor was inside the meat as well as seasoned on the outside.

Now full of good food we drug our sleepy selves up the highway to Emerald Downs for my first try at watching and betting on horse races. It was a muggy afternoon to be outside but was made fun by the sport and everything surrounding it. Before a race the horses are paraded a bit in the stables then trotted out around an official looking green grassy area. From there you can place any bets while the horses make their way to the start gate. Once the horses are posted all betting stops and the race is set to begin. We only saw a few 5 and a half and 6 furlong races where they started on the far side of the track. Earlier races have horses running a full mile around the track and start right in front of the spectator area.

On our first bet all of us won on a horse named No Giveaway. I bet on only one more race and gave up after that in exchange for taking photos. Sarah's mom enjoys coming up once in a while because she has, in the past, experienced some of the biggest races in the country. Sarah, of course, has an affinity for horses and will accept any excuse to see some. We had a great time out there and will likely drag some friends to the races for a good time. Thankfully for me betting isn't an affliction and will only take place if I've got a few bucks to throw away.

We then drove on up to Ikea to pick up some new floor mats for underneath our computer chairs. We got a drink there before shopping and I enjoyed the thick, flavorful lindonberry juice they had among the other fountain drinks. This stuff packed a sugary wallup that shot me to a quick high followed by a numbed low. I don't recommend this drink for your kids, folks.

I stayed home while Sarah and her mom hit dinner then we watched Starsky and Hutch. Althought the nostalgia of having seen the original series didn't apply to me I thought the movie made a decent comedy and decent buddy flick. They had some moments and a couple fun car scenes but that was about it. Although talented, Ben Stiller is growing a bit stale in my eyes. Owen Wilson could be edging toward the same trend but I'm not sure he can act any other way. It's worth a view especially if you know the story or have no other "New Release" available for rent.

Oh, and why do movie rental places insist upon having a "New Release" section that doesn't also tell you what category a film would fall into otherwise? Just thought I'd ask.

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