Eric Anderson Memorial Parking Lot Guerilla Ribbon Cutting

In honor of the soon-to-be ex-Tacoma City Manager, RR Anderson gathered the masses today to christen a parking lot. The lot stands on a former toxic clean-up site and, instead of contributing to urban density, became (at the behest of funds re-appropriated from the state) a surface level parking lot. As Tacoma KOMO's Halley Griffin pointed out today, the intersection of 14th and Pacific is completely bordered by parking lots. Huge thanks to Todd Matthews of Tacoma Daily Index fame for coming down to cover the occasion as well as the throngs of speechifiers, well-wishers, and all around awesome Tacomans for coming out.

Hero shot

Yeah, what her finger said about surface level parking!

posted Jul 13, 2011 under city manager, eric anderson, parking lot, tacoma, urban development  

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