i.FeedTacoma.com launches local blogging tools

Anyone can now get into the local blogging action over at FeedTacoma. My inaugural post has brief instructions to get you started. As FeedTacoma has grown I've found some folks still having difficulty starting a local blog or even getting in touch with me to get involved with the local blogging community. That's where i.FeedTacoma.com comes in. Anyone with a free FeedTacoma account can start a blog and use it for personal, professional, political, or any purpose. Best part is, after we've added a few more features, anything tagged "Tacoma" will automatically show up among the other great contributions currently being made from other local bloggers.

I have plenty more to add to the system but please let me know if you have any questions. I'm proud enough of the new blogging tools that I'll likely be posting more of my Tacoma-centric content over there. Here's my first post. It will be a gradual transition but I'd eventually like to posted anything Tacoma over there and have it feed back into this site automatically. Mostly I just want to use the cool new tool I built. Someday, a KFnet upgrade...

posted Oct 29, 2007 under blog, feedtacoma, tacoma  

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