Finals Week '99: Day 3

Triumph! I now consider this semester officially over. A little after 6:30pm tonight Sarah, the philosophy class and I scribbled away in our blue books to finish what was my last final of Finals Week '99. Although that exam marked the beginning of finals for Sarah, I am now riding on easy street with only a jazz gig and a little bit of WebDev work to go. Although I can't say that I wish the semester was over I can say that it'll be great to get on to something new.

The jazz ensemble trumpets had a sectional tonight and Brandon Bowman (our fearless section leader) was groovy enough to order a pizza and soda for us. The guy was so domestic he even brought cups! At any rate we had a great sectional and some fun conversation afterwards. This is a shout out to da trompets! Friday will be my last gig at least until (hopefully) next year when we play live on 88.5 KPLU. If you're in the area or have internet access and have RealPlayer or Windows Media Player ready to go, hit the KPLU website ( and listen in at noon PST on Friday. It'll be the PLU Jazz Ensemble including Yours Truly playing you into the Holiday Season. Check us out.

Well, times have been hard here during finals week but we can perhaps take something away from it all. Peace. Love. Academia. It was all here. This has been Kevin Freitas reporting from what is the last finals week of the (media proposed) millenium, signing off.

[Not really, I'm just being weird. I'll still be updating my website.]

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