Finals Week '99

Well, I finished a final! My Strat/Sed final is now a thing of the past and rightly so. After what seems like an eternity of studying, Kristin, Myself and the entire class faced the finals beast and came out physically unscathed. Of course that could all change come report card time. I have two more finals and about one-and-a-quarter labs to finish then this academic semester is officially at an end. - Government Issues Travel Warning

I found an article on the homepage of yesterday and, I must say, it is interesting and slightly shocking at the same time. In it is described how the US State Department is recommending Americans keep a low profile (especially in foreign countries) this New Year's for murmurs of possible terrorism are afoot. In light of my own travel over half the Pacific Ocean and many of my friend's journeys to extra-country locales this recommendation (warning, if you will) seems very real. I suppose nothing can be said except that it's not going to stop our travel and that, come what may, we all emerge safe and sound from the rollover into 2000.

Still to come, further reports from the fronts of Finals Week '99 (cue serious music and bad graphic)...

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