First Snowboard Outing of '08

And it felt great! My buddy Steve and I saw the impending storm coming this way that called for a foot or two of fresh snow in the mountains and couldn't resist. We both took today off to kick off our season of snowboarding. With Angela along to enjoy the snowy scenery (and graciously watch our stuff) with headed up the mountain. There was snow nearly the entire way but the roads were no big issue. We took it slow and easy and arrived with plenty of close-in parking. Bonus was lift tickets were only $40 because not all runs were open yet.

I got my board waxed, we got geared up, and enjoyed our day. We did our usual green runs and got our snowboarding legs back under us after just once down. The powder was at least 4 or more inches deep which was forgiving to a guy like me who hadn't been for nearly a year since his last season was cut off in January. It also slows things down so cresting some hills or getting across that damn C.A.T. track is a bear. Nevertheless, the only 30" or so base of snow made for more contours on the slopes which did make some of the riding difficult. Fell a few times where I otherwise wouldn't but that's how you learn. Once I loosened up a bit and let my legs absorb some of those bumps all was pretty well. Even had a few spots where a few inches of air was caught and both successfully and not-so-successfully landed.

It snowed on us all day but we ended just as we began to grow tired so we didn't take that "just one more run..." and hurt ourselves. We made it down just fine and came to realize that the storm that was to blast the lowlands with snow as well left nothing but rain. It certainly didn't dampen our desire to end our snowboarding day, as we always do, with a shake and snack at Wally's out in Buckley. Thanks Steve for being an awesome snowboarding buddy and to Angela for her child-like enjoyment of falling snow!

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