Food goings-on this week

Lots of food related stuff going on this week in town. It was great news to finally get word yesterday about hello, cupcake's opening. Their owner Reina is thrilled with how everything's turned out and can't wait to share with the rest of town. Check them out at their location on Pacific downtown near the Hot Rod Dog stand Friday and Saturday during their grand opening. Previously on KFnet

A group of us have reservations at the new Greek place called Opa! over on 6th Ave. You're welcome to try them out whenever obviously but we'll be there at 6pm tonight. I think we have another seat or two with our reservation and you can otherwise make your own if you want to try them out in tandem. I admit I've never been to a sit-down Greek restaurant so I'm looking forward to the experience.

After last weeks flurry of Mary's related activity there have been a couple follow-up reviews posted (here and here). We stopped by again last Friday and I was really pleased. The speed of service seemed nearly under control (about 20 min wait for our burgers) and everything came out tasty and really filling. I think our boss Brian had his order lost/confused (then resolved) but that's still not a bad result considering it was two days after opening and they'd already made great strides. No grab-n-go deli case yet but you'll hear about it once it's there.

Anything else food-related going on? Any tasty stuff hit your palette lately? You're always welcome to comment here or over in the Reviews or Mini Reviews areas of the FeedTacoma discussion board. Cheers!

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