Food Storage Room Makeover

A strange little spot between our garage and basement workshop was setup by the previous owners of our house Cordelia. It's basically a portion of the garage walled off with cinder blocks and lined on the inside with that bubble-wrap, tinfoil-like insulation and previously used as a wine cellar. When we moved in, we filled it with boxes (or, as Connie likes to say, "Kevin's childhood). As part of a re-org of the garage and basement I started in this room to clear it out and set it up as a food room -- storage for Connie's pickled goods, wine, a food dehydrator, some brewing equipment, etc. Here's what it looked like and how it looks now!

Boxes! Mind you, this is already after about half of it was cleared out.

Almost there... (1 gallon bottle of homemade fig wine for scale)

All cleared out -- but then I wasn't happy with the floors for a room that would house mostly food stuffs.

So I scrubbed the floor and wiped down the walls and ceiling...

...then, using a bucket of multiple cans of leftover paint, I painted it...

...then sealed it up!

It's going to be way easier to keep clean.

And here it is with shelving!

Going forward, the shelves block the light so I may change up the lighting at the same time I'll run some new power for a future chest freezer.

posted Jan 8, 2018 under diy, home organization  

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