Photos ~ Freedom Fair Air Show, People Watching, and Fireworks

I had a chance to enjoy some of the finest this year's Freedom Fair has to offer yesterday. The air show with my buddy Gav and his mom, some great people watching while I took a stroll along Ruston, then the fabulous fireworks display at night. This year was a special treat because, although I chose to watch at the lookout near the house, we could see the barge launching the pyrotechnics for the first time I can remember. Commencement Bay looked like a constellation of twinkling stars with the layer of boats spread about its surface. Impressive stuff!

Thanks to the organizers for putting on a great day!

Link to Freedom Fair 2007 | 2006 | 2005

posted Jul 5, 2008 under 4th of july, air show, fireworks, freedom fair, tacoma  

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