World Premiere - Freidiohead Does Radiohead

By some strange coincidence the newly formed Rock Band group Freidiohead was secretly recorded playing Radiohead's Creep. The group's sordid history stretches back all the way to last Friday when they realized their mutual love for video games and rock music. This plus a desire not to spend time together playing actual instruments helped initially form the band "ace" coined by singer Kevin Freitas out of an acute laziness for not wanting to type more letters via the video game controller.

Since their humble beginning in AP's attic, bass player Fergy Ferg was replaced for his lack of enthusiasm by sleeper air funk slap bassist Frinklin and, thus, "ace" became Freidiohead. The following is the first ever recording of them released to the wild and features "Crazy Fingers" Cassioposa on the guitar, "ASAP" AP on sticks, "The Slapper" Frinklin on bass, and front man KFrei on vocals.

Thanks for smuggling out the recording and for the commentary ensie!

posted Apr 23, 2008 under ap, creep, ensie, freidiohead, frinklin, radiohead, rock band, tacoma  

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