A couple changes over at Freighthouse

A couple changes to note over at Freighthouse. First, the Spirit of Washington dinner train folks are taking over suite 101. The former space of a massage parlor toward the "D" street end of the building between Gallery 96 and that British Affairs is one of the larger spots at Freighthouse. Hopefully the location will be easy enough for ticket holders to find and maybe there will be some opportunity for signage outside on the wall along 25th.

Also took at look at the spot of S.C. Coffee. As local blog Zastica.com noted it looked closed and indeed it is. A sign on the locked gate promised a "New, larger and exciting coffee lounge with wifi" that also still features Peggy's cinnamon rolls. With wifi and the proximity to the Sounder ticket area this could be a good spot for business folks to relax while waiting for their trains.

posted Jul 18, 2007 under dinner train, freighthouse square, peggy's, tacoma  

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