Freighthouse Sq: Art, flowers and the British are coming!

I frequent Freighthouse Square more these days 1) because I really don't like making my own lunch in the morning and 2) I work with my wife who's even worse about bringing lunches than I. That means I get to see what's movin' and shakin' around town in places like Freighthouse more often. Although I couldn't attend last weekend's Mardi Gras bash there I did notice a handful of new shops getting prepped to open in the area of Freighthouse west of the food court.

The spot that will hold A British Affaire will be the one we'll eye the closest. With my love of brown sauce and Sarah's need for her beans on toast (and here) it'll be like a little getaway without the 10 hour flight. The slogan on their sign reads "Foods, Teas, Fine China, and Some Whimsy For the Little Bit O'Brit in All of Us". Cute. Visit their website for more info and, if you need some income, there's a post on Craig's List calling for a couple part-time sales people for their Freighthouse location. Though they didn't look very open yesterday I'm sure 'twill be less than a fort night before we begin endulging our British sides once in a while. Sorry 'bout that.

"Coming soon" signs also note a Laura's Flowers going in as well as a fine art gallery called Gallery 96. I have yet to check out the Lego place there but am rather excited to see it.

Anyone else like Freighthouse and hope it gets away from some of the awkwardness I feel when passing through there? My hope is that, if businesses continue to struggle there, they'll get rid of those partition walls and leave it as more of an open marketplace. Just seems kinda' claustrophobic to me at times.

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