Friday fun day

Since I worked last Saturday today I took that time off to get some things done and find a few minutes to enjoy myself. After shutting Sarah to work Dan the Blind Man (seriously, that's his business' name) came by to cover our windows. He quoted us a good price last week so he returned today to complete the quoted job. Within less than an hour we had six windows newly covered in good quality horizontal blinds. Another home upgrade complete! After the rest of the morning of a few computer-based odds and ends, I grabbed some lunch then headed out to meet a freelance client to train them how to edit their newly launched site in the impressive, and very free, Nvu. I had a great time finally meeting the woman with whom I'd been in contact for the duration of this project and to take some time to get to know the company who's products are featured on the site. We had a productive time and I accepted some sample sauces and other goodies as a bonus for my work.

The following rank is brought to you by traffic: it sucks.

After my meeting I hit what is probably completely typical Puget Sound area, Friday afternoon traffic. It's stinks! I feel so fortunate to be able to complete avoid the freeway if I so choose on my path to and from work at PLU. I crawled my way from Bellevue back to Tacoma over about an hour-and-a-half (maybe more, I was in a coma by the time I hit the Pierce county line). It was aweful. Not only could I not handle giving up a three hour chunk of my life everyday, at the current cost of gas, it would run me about $5 or more to make that drive everyday. Ahh! I will try my best to arrange any future career around not having to commute much because I'm afraid there'd be a point where news and law enforcement agencies would be combing my archive of photos looking for an appropriately trashy mugshot of yours truly.

I picked Sarah up from work on the way home and we decided to head down to The Ram along the waterfront for some dinner. We fooled around with our drinks a bit. Mine glowed such a green that I pretended to be an ailing Clark Kent being exposed to kryptonite. Sarah didn't mess around quite as much but she seductively ate a cherry and was then dazzled by my 10-seconds-or-less tying of the cherry stem in my mouth.

With a good steak dinner in our bellies we sat a while near the water then headed home. Sometimes it's good to break up the monotony a bit with a day off. Although I probably could've/should've accomplished more I think it came out pretty well.

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