Winding down with pizza and a DVD

My week was somewhat stunted with a snowboarding trip smack in the middle of it. After a busy couple of days since I needed to unwind a bit and enjoy my Friday evening. To that end, Sarah and I did a little strategic planning after I got home then executed our plan with artisan-like precision. The plan: order Round Table Pizza then head out the door and drop Sarah off in the Proctor District where she would grab a DVD and some provisions at th e nearby Safeway. Meanwhile I would dart over to pick up the pizza and get stuck in their parking lots choke point before driving back to get Sarah amidst an impressive rain squall.

I guess a couple of those items weren't actually a part of our plan but that's how it went and the timing actually worked out well. We make such a great team! Anyway, back at home we prepped for our relaxed night in front of the TV. What, you might ask, did we rent? My goal was to occupy my entire evening so I wouldn't need to feel I had to do anything else. The answer then was, of course, one of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy! We opted for Return of the King mainly because I'd seen it only once in the theater and really enjoyed myself. Any good movie can retain my attention even if it gobbles up half a day. Or an entire night for that matter. We got started about 6:30pm and everything was over and done with around 11pm. Now that's what I call a movie! It was great to see this movie again and enjoy it pretty well backed by our solid Dolby 5.1 system. Since we still have a pretty mediocre TV it was nice to have some thing theater quality in the room.

And that was pretty much it. The kitties enjoyed spending quality couch time with us as did I with Sarah. I'm all for going out and having a good time with friends but sometimes you just gotta chill. That's what tonight was for and I'm thoroughly satisfied and now ready to tackle whatever comes this weekend.

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