New United Methodist and old bricks

New FUMC Tacoma building

Looks like renovation of the First United Methodist is underway at their new location on the corner of 7th and Tacoma. Work began late last month and will be complete next May on the former storage facility. From the FUMC Tacoma blog:

A contract has been signed for $5.286 million. ...Our future home will be ready to serve us and our community well by next May.  Starting about June 18 a security fence will go up around the building. The next step will be for a demolition crew to enter the building and remove all the walls, stairs and concrete that will not be needed. Next the steel arrives and new shapes will appear. When it is done there will be new insulation in the roof and all walls, bright new windows on all sides, new elevator, new stairs, new sanctuary, new offices, new classrooms, new parlor, new kitchen, new fellowship hall and many other lovely additions.

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You can also pick up a piece of the former FUMC that stood for 90 years and met its demise at the hands of MultiCare's expansion. $15 will get you a brick from the old church with a memorial plaque that reads "TACOMA FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 1916 - 2006".

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