Goodies from our garden

The last couple of weeks have yielded a bumper crop of tasty, tiny roma tomatoes from our small urban garden. Fresh off the vine they're like candy to me. I love the smell of the entire tomato plant on my hands and arms in the morning before work when I pick what's ripe. My favorite discovery came the other morning when, through the leaves I spied, the following beauty:

Squash from our urban garden

Anyone know any good ways to use a squash? We're completely open (a.k.a. aren't normally big on cooking so don't do it very often) to any ideas.

Otherwise, our herbs are doing well, a hothouse tomato plant has some large fruit on it that will hopefully have a chance to ripen, and another tomato plant isn't in such good shape. The fruit on it is browning at the tips and the plant itself is wilting yellow a bit. Won't be a completely bummer if it's lost considering how well everything else has done without even trying. This all does get me excited to plan our garden attack for next year.

How's your garden been doing this year?

It's not in our garden nor something we even probalby want growing but this little guy popped up from a gap in the cement of our carport

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