Downtown construction mini mystery solved

Earlier this morning I brought up a bit of construction happening where a fence stood on Pacific blocking direct access to the Bridge of Glass. Didn't know what was going on until now. After lunch I approached one of the construction workers at this spot and asked what they were doing. He says they're putting in a solid brick wall that matches the WSHM facad. He also said it'll have some kind of metal (aluminum?) artwork on it when it's all done.

Whoever planned this project and for whatever reason they are completely tossing aside the walkability of our downtown in favor of something else. Once complete, folks will not only have to weave around a bit to get to the Bridge of Glass and points beyond but now they won't even be able to see it from Pacific Ave. This stinks! It's a shame, too, because as the construction stands now no barrier exists and the view and openness is great. Get down there now before a bad decision is set in stone.

In the words of one N. Dynamite: "Idiots!"

Update (1:55pm)
Thanks again to Jake for digging up a couple docs. One is an easement Tacoma Public Utilities had on the area that prevented any permanent construction. He also sent along a release of the easement that took place early this year clearing the way for whatever the land owner wanted. In this case: a brick wall. The owner: Washington State Historical Society.

Link to the easement and release of easement docs

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