Local Anniversary Getaway

After relaxing at Salish and exploring San Fran what would we do for our 3rd wedding anniversary? With designs to head to Tokyo this fall Sarah had the idea to go local for our special day this year. With that we decided to roll down the hill for a hyperlocal vacation starting with a stay at the Silver Cloud down on the water.

Our reservation for a king room with jacuzzi tub was ready for us when we got there about 3:30 in the afternoon. The room is on the third floor with an expansive corner view of Commencement Bay from the Port north to Vashon Island and the Ruston waterfront. We took a minute to drop off our bags then hit up Katie Downs for a late, snacky lunch. At least we thought it would be. Our side of fries was a huge plate stacked high with curly (though not curly-fry seasoned) fries. The mozerella sticks were large and tasty but, again, not quite the snack we'd bargained for. Oh well, we suffered through it. ;)

Back in the room after Sarah relaxed with a bath while I took a shower. We both watched a little TV and enjoyed the view before a walk to dinner at Cafe Divino in Old Town. Evening drizzle fell but with an umbrella in my hand and a hood on her head, Sarah made light and pointed out we pretty much had the entire waterfront to ourselves. Still full from our larger than we thought snack at Katie Downs we had a great Portuguese red wine to start things off and each a salad for dinner. The wine was, especially for a red, silky smooth with no bite whatsoever. I went for a beef gyro salad and Sarah a cashew chicken salad. Though I forgot to ask for mine without onions the flavors were just right so they didn't weight my already full belly down and kept the overall focus on the great wine. There were only 8 other folks in the place so we both enjoyed our meals and some good conversation in an intimate, romantic, yet not pretentious setting.

The night wound down back in our room where we fired up the jacuzzi tub and enjoyed some night views of lights on the water in the bubbly, warm comfort. Though chilly outside we even cracked the window so we could hear the sloshing sea water while we slept. A small gaggle of somewhat drunken college students being a bit loud outside was only a slight distraction that lasted only a handful of minutes. Our room was very comfortable overall. A noisy, though not clanky in any way, HVAC unit woke me up a couple times during the night. It kept everything cozy and warm though and probably would've have come on quiet as much if we didn't have the window cracked in January. Relaxing in the jacuzzi tub combined with the view was a great experience. With bubbles on or off there was plenty of room for both of us to enjoy and take in some of the great local waterfront setting that usually we see only when passing in a car. Little if no heat seemed to come from the fireplace at all but it didn't matter and, frankly, I would've greatly exchanged its fake flame for a nice LCD TV over the one in there for visual distraction. More than one person in the small bathroom would be difficult without throwing a few elbows but we both agreed that didn't matter because a) this wasn't a room meant for a family and b) we'd rather spend time in the jacuzzi tub anyway.

After we woke up Sunday morning we packed our things and headed to The Spar for breakfast. We completely forgot they open the entire place up on Saturday and Sunday morning with a page-long list of standard fair. I had a pair of blueberry pancakes that were light and fluffy with tons of seemingly fresh (though I assume had to be frozen) berries. Sarah's scramble looked good and she was really pleased they brought jam for her toast that wasn't in a little freezer pack. We both had a side of bacon that was done crispy enough for me while being thick and flavorful. Though we often head to Knapp's for weekend breakfasts it's nice to remember another option so close to home.

Without having to worry about what we packed or having any kind of travel needs driving, flying or otherwise (mind you we drove less for this vacation than we do for work each day) we felt totally relaxed. As we drove home I almost thought someone had drugged me into unconsciousness for any driving of flying that took place because it felt so good to not remember it -- because it didn't happen. There are plenty of couples out there, especially those with kids, who would do well for a local getaway and I couldn't recommend it more. Thanks to my beautiful wife for the suggestion, for just plain being such a wonderful companion, and for experiencing this weekend with me. Would've been kinda' awkward and boring alone. ;)

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