Godzilla returns to Ipanema

Today Gavin and I spent quality time together since our girlfriends were both occupied with other activities. After waking up and getting ourselves as prepared as we need to be for a lazy, rainy Sunday, we began to finish a project which has been over two years in the making.

The stop-motion short we're working on goes by the title Godzilla from Ipanema and features a singing reptile, his backup dancers (a TMNT frog, a stormtrooper, and Emperor Zurg), and a deranged Daisy Duck. The story takes place on location in my old dorm room, our old house, and this house. In this punk rock version of the song "Girl from Ipanema" the band takes some liberties with the original lyrics and turns the Girl (Daisy, in our tale) into a psyco out for blood. 'Nuff said.

It's coming along rather nicely since today we put a sizable dent in the editing process. TIP: A great way to get to know a song is to choreograph the mouth movements of a character on-screen to the lyrics. Can we say "time consuming"? We had an excellent time and look forward to reaching completion sometime before the year 2010.

School starts tomorrow. What will I wear?

posted Sep 8, 2002 under adobe premiere, godzilla, ipanema, stop-motion animation  

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