Good-bye forever

Well, there goes yet another chapter in my life. Funny how those just slip by, isn't it? Yesterday my roommate Matt, with aid from his dad, moved out of good ol' Hong Hall B18 leaving me alone to finish moving out of and cleaning up the room. I didn't shed a tear nor do I think I'll miss the place. I understand that I've got some great memories attached to that room but I'm pretty darn sure that I won't forget the important ones. Besides, I'm ready to live off-campus. I'm proud of myself for hanging around this long. Last summer while I was in Georgia I had my own room with a kitchen and bathroom which was my first experience living alone and cooking/cleaning for myself. I think it prepared me adequately for the next two houses I'll be living in. It's a natural next step. Besides, escaping out from underneath the cover of the LuteDome will be good for the soul. Obviously, rules come attached to the house because it's not our property. They will not, however, be rules dictating visitation, open flames (don't worry mom, I'm not a pyro anymore), and my love for defenestration. Seriously though, it'll just be another experience to add to my mortal palette.

So now that I'm at home let the relaxation flow! I had a good, safe drive down from Parkland. Aside from some drowsiness that was surely prompted by the 3:30am fire alarm (gosh I'll miss the dorms) earlier that morning, I made a brief stop in Centralia to buy a liter-sized Mountain Dew and a bag of Nerds (a combination of which presents a dental nightmare). With these two new boosts, I made it home without nodding off on the highway. It's great seeing my parents again and being at our house in La Center. Now that summer's nearly kicked in around here, the deciduous trees cover all the surrounding countryside with varied shades of brilliant, healthy green.

My dad and I took time out tonight to see a sneak preview of the new movie Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan. We drove into downtown Portland, got our tickets at the Lloyd Mall theater, wandered around the nearby mall, then found some seats for the movie. Someone working for the theater got our attention before showtime and, after helping some stragglers find free seats, invited everyone to stay for a complimentary showing of High Fidelity starring John Cusack following the sneak preview. This was a fantastic surprise that my dad and I were happy to receive. Now, my dad's not normally an evening person. Heck, he's barely an early evening person but I have to give him some credit for tonight: he stayed up and enjoyed both movies! We didn't end up making it home until about 12:30am and he was awake up until we got home. Slightly more confident of my late-night awareness, I drove us home. Oh, both the movies were fantastic! Shanghai Noon had some fun acting by Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan, beautiful scenic vistas, and amazing action sequences. High Fidelity was a heady comedy dealing with one record store owner's hap-hazard love life and how he analyzes everything using a radio countdown top-five list strategy. I sincerely hope that theaters are going to treat their customers like we were treated last night. I felt like I really got my money's worth.

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