The goodness of a good storm

Sometimes storms can bring the good with the bad. Tonight a "last blast" kind of storm is blowing through and it makes me think more of the good. We've had other storms pass over this year and batter us pretty good. Tonight's storm is a decent one that packs some solid rain squals and gusty winds. As I left work today the Sun was punching through the top of a hazy mass of loose and billowing precipatation just over the hills to the west of downtown Tacoma. The billowing, low-hung cloud moved rapidly over town and dashed everything with a quick rain that soon enough gave way to more sunshine. What drops flew over Commencement Bay combined with the light to make a shaft of a rainbow over the water that followed us as we drove along the parkway toward home.

Before heading to the gym tonight I braved the gusty wind to pull shut a gate to our carport it had opened. As a forceful gale pushed by it rattled a patch of nearby fir trees that, in unison, shook loose a volley of small branches and bows. It reminds me beautifully how nature knows how to shape itself wherein a gust of wind cuts loose tired tree limbs which land on the ground where they will become mulch to help other, stronger trees grow. It's a small example of the amazing cycles nature has no problem turning over and over.

The last part of this storm I'm rather partial too is the amount of snow it will drop in the mountains. Steve (of the Ferguson's), Sarah and I will likely hit the slopes this weekend and, unlike last time, enjoy some soft powder onto which our amateur snow sporting butts can fall.

So here's to a good storm now and then! May it dazzle and bring lovers together in the goodness of a much needed cuddle or two.

posted Mar 8, 2006 under gusts, northwest weather, windy, winter storm  

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