Halloween Party Like It's 1985

(or 1955 or 2015, or 1885)

After a last minute costume idea hit me yesterday I spent time pinging around town today picking everything up. Happily, I was able to go local (e.g. avoid big chain stores) for most of it. Aside from Harbor Freight, I got everything I needed from the local Goodwill and Boys & Girls Club thrift stores, Gray Lumber, and the Northwest Costume shop. Once I was done shopping I assembled and otherwise prepped for the latest Meaties gathering over at the Stowe's. This time around the them was "Trick or Treaties" wherein the competition required either your food to be dressed up as something it's not or it should jive with whatever your costume was. In my case, seeing as I was Doc Brown from Back to the Future I made what I called 1.21 Gigawatt Flux Quesadillas that were so hot you'd want to travel back in time to tell yourself not to eat them! Really, they were just laced with some amazing local chorizo from Cheryl the Pig Lady and some fresh, organic jalapenos I got at the farmers' market this morning. There was tons of good food on hand and some great costumes to go with it but I was excited to win the night for best costume!

I rounded out the night with a walk from my apartment down to Dorky's Barcade to meet some friends, play games, listen to some great music they had going live, and compete in their costume competition. I didn't win that one but had a great time out further falling in love with that place.

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posted Oct 29, 2011 under costumes, friends, halloween, holiday, party  

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