Hanging Holiday Cards for All to Enjoy

Hanging holiday cardsThe holidays don't officially end until after New Years and this idea may still come in handy especially for folks that leave their decorations up 'til April. ;) What do you do with your holiday cards? As they've come in the mail in the past we've tried taping them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. This can make a great presentation but on the available walls at our house the tape never seemed to hold -- even when I cranked it up and used duct tape!

This year Sarah came up with a great idea I thought I'd share. Here's the minimum you need to get started:

Cut a length of ribbon 3' feet or so long. Secure your tack or nail in the wall so you have at least a quarter inch or so sticking out and position it so the middle of the ribbon, if hung, would be about eye height. Now tie a small loop at one end of the ribbon then hang it from the tack or nail.

With the ribbon dangling grab a holiday card and the stapler. Starting near the bottom of the ribbon, open the card and staple it the back flap of the card to the ribbon. It's best to staple through the back flap so the staple doesn't show and the card can still be open and read.

Repeat and staple more cards (probably up to 3 or 4) to that same ribbon then repeat with other ribbons. Mix up the colors and ribbon length for a more festive and creative look. Enjoy!

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