So long and thanks for all the fish

After a brief visit to work Andy and Sarah with their baby and two dogs left Tacoma with a full truck headed east. It's kinda' hard to see good friends go. My Sarah and I got to know then since both were employed at my work until Andy's wife Sarah had their first baby Meleah in late December. Andy and I got to know each other a bit at first on an outing to be extras in an independent film. From there we knew our easy going, anti-Geedubyah ways would make us all fast friends. Learning to love sushi by their example sealed the deal but, lo, by this time the wheels (so to speak) were already in motion for them to head back home to Georgia to be closer to family while baby grows up.

I'm going to set them up with a website/blog they can use to keep in touch with us Northwesterners and others and provided them a silly, cupcake character-based design. We'll miss you guys and hope we can make this long distance thing work! ;) If nothing else, we'll be sure to head down yonder and visit y'all sometime.

Happy trails, so long and thanks (see sushi reference above) for all the fish!

Andy (open your eyes, boy!) and brother Brian

The SiteCrafting/SiteCrafters/SiteCrafty crew (minus one)

Sarah and Andy - they look pretty darn good after packing up their entire house!

Stay tuned to follow their adventures on

posted Apr 20, 2006 under friends moving away  

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