Pray for snow tonight [update]

No I'm not hoping it'll snow tonight to avoid some deadline at work or anything. I'm talking about the Pray for Snow Party tonight at the Harmon Brewery in downtown Tacoma. The party is their way of kicking off the winter sports season with gear vendors, prizes, live music and plenty of food and drink to go around. Since getting into snowboarding myself last year, I've found myself shunning news of a dry, El Nino for a little bit of hopeful thinking. So, I'll certainly be there to appease whatever diety may or may not look over how much white stuff falls in the mountains.

What: 10th Annual Pray for Snow Party
Where: Harmon Brewery [ map ], parking available in the UW lot just up 21st
When: 6pm, 11/1

Via store-front ads and Exit133

Update (2006-11-02 @ 6:42am)
After some dinner at OSF boarding buddy Steve and our wives joined us as we peeked our heads inside the Harmon. I couldn't believe how many people were there. As I expected, this was a pretty big excuse to have some drinks but there certainly was some solid live music trying to be heard over the roar of customers. The free schwag seemed to get people going as well. The place was standing room only so next year we'll be sure to grab a table early so we can sit and enjoy the festivities (and free stuff!). Cheers to the Harmon for putting on something like this to begin with. It certainly seemed to resonate with folks.

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