Quick pre-work change of wardrobe

I've been sick with a head/throat/whatever thing for the last half week. Although I was good enough to go snowboarding yesterday there's still a bit of this bug lingering in my system. This morning it prompted me to change clothes.

Sometimes, I'll spill some juice or cereal. Others, it will be some chalky bits from my deodorant. Today I recoiled before a sneeze then let it out as I normally do. Hey, they say "Bless you," because of the demons that made you have such an outburst in the first place. It's gotta be loud and proud or it ain't worth it, as far as I'm concerned.

Unfortunately for me (and my cozy dark green long sleeved shirt) something came loose and shot out my nose. Like a sickly string of pearls, a mostly clear goo thrust out with my sneeze and straight down the front (yes, about 6 inches or so) of my shirt. I actually had a good laugh over it and just chalked it up as a minor casualty in the larger war on germs inside Kevin.

Too much information? I think not! Admit it, this sort of thing has happened to you.

posted Dec 21, 2006 under boogers, shirt, sick, sneeze, snot  

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