Chocolate peppermint cupcake? Don't mind if I do. (now with photos!)

Chocolate peppermint cupcakeGot an email from Reina over at hello, cupcake and a new flavor is making its holiday appearance starting today. I'm sure you guessed by the title that it's chocolate peppermint and I'm so there. According to her their shop will be  "decked in Christmas cheer" as well and, major props for this, even their website is looking rather nice for the season.

Naomi. Angela. I presume we'll meet you there sometime today? In the interest of accurate and hard hitting blogging/citizen journalism, I'll be sure to get a first-hand look myself and will report back with taste results and photos later today. ;)

P.S. -  Our friend from Bend (hehe) is up and we'll likely be around town doing this and that to further convince her to spread the good word about Tacoma. Aside from cupcakes, we'll probably again hit up Sushi Revolution for some lunch, we may stop by the botanical conservatory for a Victorian holiday celebration, a talk about the arts and crafts movement in the Northwest, and possibly dinner at the Red Hot. Plans may change depending on who wants to do what but I always love showing people around 'cause that means I get to partake myself.

Update (3:45pm)

Count me impressed. The chocolate peppermint cupcakes were delicious. Though I normally enjoy making sure I get some frosting with every bite of a cupcake, I tried some of the cake part first and on its own the flavor was right on. They struck a great balance between the flavors especially since the peppermint wasn't too overwhelming. They were so tasty, in fact, that I purchase that and my regular fav the carrot cake but go it to go since I wanted to keep the peppermint flavor on my tongue. Great job ladies!

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