High-Speed Photography Experiment #1

Tonight I explored high-speed photography using little more than a couple flashes and some coins dropped into a glass of water. It took a bit to get the timing down but I got some pretty cool shots. Eventually I'd like to use something more flat glass (rather than a round cup) to better be able to focus on the subject rather than have the light be bent all over due to the shape of the container.

My first high-speed shot. Decent but needs more light -- 2nd flash to the rescue!

A little early

Pretty bubbles

Those crosshatch ripples freak me out

Time to try a penny!

Kinda' looks like a liquid metal skull to me

The tip of the quarter iceberg

I love this because you can see the floor of already dropped coins reflected in the bubble

Love the vortex and twist in this one

The eagle dives in

Then, for the heck of it, I added a red filter in the form of an old medicine bottle :)

Ran out of coins so a screw had to do

posted May 17, 2012 under experiment, flash, high-speed, photography  

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