Hotel Murano Staycation - The Art

I can't claim to be particularly knowledgeable about particular artists or pieces but I do know what I like. Aside from enjoying our room and food experience, the art through out the Hotel Murano is fantastic. No corner is left without the touch of creativity that blown, molded, or other types of glass provides. Even lighting, lamps, door handles, and signage for coat hangers and bathrooms were pieces worthy of display in any gallery or museum. On our last morning there Sarah and I took the stairs up through every floor, criss-crossing from one stairwell to another to view the hallway of art and "making of" shots in between.

Rather than blather on, here are some images of the art at this "sleepover art museum". And, of course, don't forget the mighty Orizon outside.

posted Apr 24, 2008 under art, glass, hotel murano, tacoma  

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