Hotel Murano Staycation - The Room

Upon entering our king junior suite at Tacoma's Hotel Murano we immediately appreciated it. A gradient of dark carpet to a single gray wall to the white structural pillars to the backlit white window shades sets a great foundation for other touches in the room. Some creams in the headboard, the decorative pillows and in the curtains start to warm things up a bit. Splashes of red boldly show in a stool, a couple chairs, the glowing lamps on either side of the bed, and again with those pillows on the bed itself. The Murano logo-based theme of long, thin lines accents the room as well in the sitting area couches, bathroom wallpaper, and even in the fine texturing of the structural features themselves. All can be appreciated equally well with the generous panoramic windows that, in this room, nearly fill two walls and let in unlimited natural light.

The bathroom featured a deep, above counter bowl sink with minimalistic faucet. A thin, exposed tube light fixture lit the warmly tiled space well and, contrary to what I might have assumed, didn't seem cold at all. Didn't make use of the shower but had a shave and noticed how bloody hot the water can get. It caught me slightly by surprise but it's better to have more hot water than being left wanting more. I would've enjoyed, however, seeing some rooms that offer a nice jacuzzi tub but suppose that's something you can utilize the attached Savi Day Spa for.

Our rooms amenities offer a couple surprises. First there is the standard mini bar, tray of pay-as-you-munch snacks, hair dryer, iron and board, and desk. Going above and beyond, the room has a 42"-ish LCD TV, iPod dock/clock radio, a wardrobe with plenty of room for hanging clothes, and even a pillow menu to achieve just the right comfort for your head in the bed. The TV had cable coming through it but judging by the static I saw on the local channels I'm not sure I saw evidence of the HD capability of the set being used. The only item missing is wifi. It's there but it's $10 a day. I know it costs money to maintain but wireless internet is not fancy anymore and shouldn't appear to cost anything. Add $5 to my bill and give each visitor a blanket password that changes once in a while but then call it good. I don't like to pay for my wifi anywhere else and certainly don't want to at such a dashing hotel either. Trust me, nerds and business clients alike will thank you.

Through we were 15 floors from street level we didn't feel far from the city itself. Still, with the Link passing nearby and buses flooring it to get up the hill on 13th, we heard little going on outside and had no problem getting to sleep.

A nearly completely excellent room experience with little left overlooked. I'll write more over the next couple days about our Hotel Murano staycation where I'll cover my thoughts on the food, art, and views as well.

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