Photos ~ House demolition on 27th and Pacific

The old house standing in the parking lot of Superior Saw at 27th and Pacific is no more. A huge claw tore it apart this morning. The area is zoned commercial so maybe something interesting could be coming to the spot. Hopefully real estate even in this part of town is worth enough to do more than use it for parking. I'm sure everyone here in my office (across the street) will be rooting for something food- and/or drink-related. We certainly enjoyed a brief break while watching part of the demo. Windows popping, heavy machinery, the smell of scrap lumber in the air -- we're easily entertained.

Hopefully the rose bushes on-site will be re-purposed. If not, a late night botanical heist may be in order. ;)

posted Jun 26, 2007 under demolition, sodo, tacoma  

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